About Evert 

My name is Evert Doorn and I’m a professional photographer from the Netherlands. In my working life, I shoot editorial portraits, commercial work and weddings.

However, wildlife photography is my ‘hobby’ within the photography and my true passion!

During a 7-month African overland trip in 2003 and 2004 we got to experience the beauty of this continent. Although we did photograph a lot (all analog with film!), it was not until 2014 during a trip to South Africa that the bug really bit me.

Since then, I’ve been expanding my work and experience with this wonderful form of photography.

In particular the big cats of Africa have my interest.

Locally I’ve done a few expositions and one of my images appeared in the Dutch WWF book ‘Nature 2016’.

On this website, I also sell prints. Since wildlife photography is my free work within the world of photography and there’s no need to make any income from this (I do this with other types of photography and I also want to have maximal freedom in what I do), I’ve decided that I want to contribute to wildlife conservation, by donating any income made on print sales to wildlife conservation projects. In this way, I hope to enjoy wildlife photography for a very long time!

I hope you like what you’ll find here. Any questions? Drop me a line, or follow me on Instagram!