Buy prints, save wildlife!


Buy a print; help wildlife conservation! 

All net earnings on prints are donated to Stichting SPOTS (a Dutch foundation raising money for big cat projects, of which I am formally a sponsor). In  collaboration with SPOTS, we’ve decided that donations from my images will go to one new project in particular: the adoption and protection of free roaming wild lions in the north of Namibia by AfriCat North. 

How to buy

These curated images are available for sale as canvas print, as luxury dibond gallery print or as matte fine art prints which can be shipped worldwide.

Canvas prints are printed on 100% pure linnen canvas.

A dibond gallery print is a print mounted on a plate of dibond (with the option of added plate of acryl over the photo). The print can be mounted directly on the wall with a bit of spacing between wall and print, resulting in a very clean and ‘floating’ look. Galleries and museums use these types of print often:

A fine art print is a matte inkjet print of the highest quality, printed on cotton paper. You can take this print to a local professional for mounting and framing according to your wishes. For a classical look in your living room!

Below, you’ll find a table with the option of finishing (A, B, C or D), the different available sizes (in cm) and the corresponding price.  

A: canvas printed on 100% linnen, including mounting plate
B: print is mounted directly on 3mm dibond. Includes rails and plugs for mounting.
C: luxury version on 4mm dibond, with an additional acrylic plate on top of the image
D: matte fine-art print shipped in a tube

60×40 cm:      A: € 95      B: € 195    C: € 275    D: € 95
90×60 cm:      A: € 150    B: € 295    C: € 395    D: € 175
120×80 cm:    A: € 250    B: € 450    C: € 695    D: € 225

All prices include shipping in the Netherlands. For orders outside the Netherlands, only option D (fine-art print) is available; please contact me using the form for a custom quote including shipping to your location.

Place your order here: 

To order, please look up the number of the image which you’ll find if you hover over an image or in the top op the gallery.

Fill out the form with the photo number(s) of your choice, the finishing (A, B, C, or D), the size, and your shipping address.
NOTE: for international orders outside the Netherlands, only option D (fine-art print) is available due to shipping restrictions.

After you’ve placed your order, I will send you a confirmation mail, including a link for payment (in the Netherlands, this is an iDeal link and for international orders, Paypal instructions). After payment has been received, your order will be processed and shipped (you’ll receive a notification of this). For ordering multiple prints or direct ordering, please contact me directly thru wildlife [at]

At the end of each quarter, the money that has been raised for donations (the selling price minus the production costs of the print) is transferred to the relevant organisation. Your purchase will help survive wildlife species in the future; thank you for your support!