Private photography trips and tuition

Would you like to learn how to photograph wildlife?

What if I said that you can take me with you to a destination of your choice to get fully immersed in the craft of wildlife photography? Well…you actually can!

With a group of up to 6 participants, I can join you and your fellow travellers to several destinations in Africa. I’ll join you for the duration of the trip for tailored private tuition and teach you everything about basic camera operations, composition and lighting, and of course post-production.

These trips are suited for every level of photographer and you will find this an amazing learning experience.

I know several excellent locations in Africa where the conditions are very good to see wildlife and where the camps, vehicles and guides are catered towards photographers. This means, in practice: as much time as possible in the field, and personal tutoring while back in camp.

Naturally, I work with well-reputed local operators to ensure the trip runs smoothly. They will handle all the travel details required for the trip so we can focus on what’s the most important: improving your photography skills.

If you are based in the Netherlands, I will most likely travel with you to the country of destination and we can arrange a pre-trip meeting to get you started with gear advice and other preparation tips. Of course, a Skype or Facetime session is possible too if you are not close by.

These are some of my favourite destinations and options:

  • The Masai Mara in Kenya: great for big cats but also other big stuff. The migration season is well known here, but January and February are beautiful months as well (and much much quieter);
  • Botswana, and in particular Moremi and Khwai in the Delta, and Savuti. Another great option in Botswana is Mashatu private reserve;
  • Zambia’s amazing South Luangwa, also called ‘valley of the leopards’, and with a reason! Also know for its many African wild dog sightings.

There are more options of course. The timing and length of the trips can vary, depending on your specific wishes and needs.

If you are interested, fill out the contact form and get in touch with your ideas and wishes! I’ll get back to you and we can have a chat by phone or online to further discuss the outline and possible options.